Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Busy busy!

Holy crap... hey everyone, this is a poker blog!!! And yet, my poker post gets like 3 comments while my nonpoker post gets 18? Insanity... but thanks for the comments. Very interesting stuff. And, I do agree with a point made that when I blocked the girl's shot, it was some of the guys that got mad, not the girl.

This week has been an extremely busy week for me. Not that it was unexpected because it wasn't... however, I am one of the few that was selected to be a part of this awesome program at work and the orientation for that program kicked off this week... which meant a full day orientation/team building one day and training the next... so that would be 2 days that were completely taken away from me... during one of the busiest weeks for our group since we have several filings due next week. Couple that with the fact that my buddy in Japan is getting married this weekend and that means I am flying back to Japan to be there for his wedding... My team has been incredibly understanding, considering I am taking time off during the busiest time... of course, I leave tomorrow (Thursday) and I'll be back by Sunday... I will be in Japan for almost as long as I would be flying round trip. Freakin insanity. My friend better not pull a RecessRampage and get divorced... cuz I'm not sure I can do this again... either that or his wedding date would have to be more conducive to my schedule.

The program at work is awesome though. As part of the program, there was also a dinner set up for us with the controller of the company and the dinner was freakin awesome. Between the orientation and all the stuff that's been laid out for us, it's very obvious to see how much resources will be spent on us and I am not gonna lie... it's very flattering AND it will be hard not to let it get to our heads. We have a similar program for all the new hires in the finance roles so the model for success is there (the program has been running for few years but we're the guinea pigs for the manager level). I am looking forward to all the challenges that will come our way and all the training/diverse experience we will have as well as the network that we will be building along the way. I have always been a strong+ performer, both here and at my previous job (where I was always rated one of the top performers there) but it's still flattering to be recognized in such a big company. I could have easily gotten lost in the shuffle but I am always lucky to be surrounded by good bosses as well as equipped with a good team... granted, I'd like to think that I had something to do with that.

So, in my personal life, things are going great and I can't be happier... now if I can only get a freakin date and the fuckin house would sell, things would be perfect. Oh, and if I can avoid bad beats... but hey, I'm not asking for the world here...

Good luck to everyone and have a nice weekend! My flight leaves in 6 hours!


Astin said...

If your buddy gets a divorce, you totally don't have to go to a second wedding. I mean, 1st wedding, sure, but 2nd wedding? You've already been there, done that.

Or he can be sneaky like my buddy, and ask you to be in the wedding party for the 2nd time, forcing you to be involved in everything.

Schaubs said...

Safe travels.

get laid.

Memphis MOJO said...

Bon voyage.

Greg said...

Have a sexcellent trip.