Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Bash trip report - Part 2

"It's a marathon, not a sprint."

What the fuck does that mean anyways?

I ran track in college but my events were 400m and 4x400m relay, with a mix of 200m dash (more for warm up/loosening up - I did NOT have the speed to compete in collegiate level 200m). So, I was always a sprinter. And that's just my personality. Even at work, I either go all out and work really hard... or I do nothing... like not a damn thing. I've spent a full day reading blogs and doing absolutely nothing productive in the past... but in a crunch time, believe me, I'm good to have in the work force. That's just how I roll. So, when it comes to drinking, most of my friends could attest to the fact that when it comes to drinking I am balls to the wall as well... so, on Saturday, after I completed my Part 1 of the Bash trip report in the cafe, I headed back to the room to shower and get ready for what I figured to be an unbelievable drunken haze.

I got ready and sauntered over to this fine establishment where I would end up spending the next 10+ hrs drinking.

Now, the funny thing about me drinking is that I keep thinking I remember everything... until someone points out something that I don't remember... at which point I realize how drunk I was. But I will say this. I was pretty hammered at certain points but not to the point where I was plastered like I would be when I am with my friends here. I think it was all because I started to listen to the mantra.

"It's not a sprint, it's a marathon."

Once I got to the bar a little before 2pm on Saturday, I decided to kick things off with a beer... and a soco shot with none other than Al. Well, that's when I discovered that the shots you get here are twice as big as the ones I'm used to. Apparently, that's the "Al shot." But hey, whatever. A shot is a shot. I'm not gonna lie though. I was a little disappointed when I downed my shot in one gulp and noticed that Al was just taking a little sip here and there. But that's when he told me that this was not a sprint. And boy, was he right.

During the pub olympics, numerous prop bets were made (Buddy, I fuckin crushed you in pinball! And Evy, great game on the air hockey... I was so close to pwning you). I even played shuffleboard for the first time, which was a blast. CK does a much better job describing what went down but we had numerous pairings... first one being the jew vs non-jew.

(The cross is misleading since I'm not Christian but minor details)

Then, after CK and I noticed that Jordan and Astin (Jew and non-Jew, respectively) were bringing us down, we decided to go the round-eye vs slant-eye round... where we totally pwned them... When CK got a 9 pointer!!! Who says we can't see????

After that is where it gets kinda blurry for me but I don't think I was ever really hammered. I was drunk for sure, but not like falling apart drunk. I know we went to eat pizza across the street or something... wait, no, it was a sub... or a burger... yeah, it was a burger... where Riggs and I were utterly shocked at all the college football scores they were showing with upsets left and right...

And then we went back to the bar and the band was starting to set up... I don't remember the early goings but I do know that towards the end, we had a blast because the band was a good cover band... however, I pulled a lame one and decided to call it a night around 1am or so. It was getting to the point where I was somewhat sobering up and then feeling the fatigue and then realizing I would have to drive home the next day... blah blah blah... god, I feel like such a pussy just writing this. Oh hell. It is what it is.

I had a great time meeting everyone/seeing everyone once again. Getting to spend more time talking to the people I met back in December was definitely good too. I can't wait to see all of you (and those that didn't make it to the bash) in December.

Here are some pictures of Phoenixville:

The breakfast joint right next to the hotel:

Inside the coffee shop I blogged from:

And outside the coffee shop:


katitude said...

Yeah, I was the lame ass that made the marathon not a sprint comment. I then proceeded to sprint like mad.

Dinner was fun; hilarious even *grin.

steeser said...


I enjoy reading many of your poker posts, and was hoping since we play many of the same games you could check out my blog and comment on the hands from my last post if you had the time.

Sorry for interrupting your bash post with this comment.



Riggstad said...

Fuel's a fag :)