Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So last night was the premiere of Heroes Season 3. I was fairly disappointed with Season 2 and there's MNF on so I debated not watching it but since I don't watch much TV, I figured I should tune into what used to be one of my favorite shows. Don't worry, I am not gonna go into the show and how it was but just giving you a quick glimpse at my mindset going into poker last night.

So, there I am, about to watch Heroes and I decide that I'll need to play some poker to get my 200 points. I started by asking myself, what tables would be best for me to play at if I'm only gonna half ass it and not give it the full attention? Easy. 1-2NL full ring. I could play like a bot, hope to break even and get my 200 points while most of my attention goes to my TV. Sure enough though, suckouts were bound to happen and I drop like couple of buyins early... But, since I wasn't tilting and they were BAD BAD beats which I won't recap, I decided to chase my losses. Next thing I knew, I was up till like midnight chasing my losses. I was down like $400+ and I really wanted to make some of it back up. I got to a point where I was only down a buy-in so I almost quit when I got to this point, thinking I'll post about how bad I've been running.

Note, that the thick line is the actual and the thin line is my $EV. At least I'm getting my money in good. And not tilting. So I figured I'd play few more orbits and call it quits. Good call on my part...


That put me solidly from down a buy in to almost up a buy in. I did end up staying up close to 2am... at least I made back my losses for the session... But come on... look at the graph... I run so bad... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Anonymous said...

Is this a HEM graph? If so the light green line shows all-in EV so from my understanding you need to compare against the blue showdown line(?), rather than thick green line that also includes non-showdown 'winnings' (or indeed losses).

Might not be running as bad as you think, or perhaps worse!?

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Interesting. I had no idea. I'm a HEM newbie still in that sense. My blue line is closer to $300 rather than the $246 in actual winnings and the non-showdown winnings is only a tad below zero. So I guess I am not running as bad as I think but very very close. Very interesting though. I had no idea.

Instant Tragedy said...


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