Monday, May 19, 2008

Blogging blah (nonpoker content)

These days, for some reason, I'm not in the mood to blog. Maybe I'm just kinda worn out. Maybe it's because I am busy at work. I'm really not sure why but it's like I don't really care to set some time aside for blogging. I have one post that's been brewing regarding pair and flush draw hands and so I've been compiling some HHs... I just have to set some time aside to actually complete it. It probably doesn't help that I've been struggling at the tables. I'm getting bad beated/coolered left and right and that's starting to affect my decisions. I'm probably gonna drop down a level for a little while to recuperate my confidence and my bankroll. This Friday will mark the beginning of a two week vacation where I am flying home to Japan where I get to enjoy my mom's home cooking and a very relaxing time where I intend to do nothing but play/study poker, hang out with friends, and hit up the clubs/bars in Tokyo.

Speaking of hitting up bars, this past weekend, I went up to NY. One of my best friend from Tokyo was in NY for business so I decided to join him for the weekend. We had a blast. Friday night, I was supposed to get in around 7:30 but in typical fashion, the flight was delayed due to air traffic in NY. So, I ended up not getting to Laguardia until about 9:30... By the time I got to the hotel where my buddy was staying, it was like 10:30 and he was pretty hammered... not to be outdone, I quickly got ready and we decided to hit up a bar where one of my friends from college was hanging out. We ended up doing shots of soco which always help taking the party to the next level. I don't recall much except ordering pizza at 3am (mmmmmmm, good NY pizza) and shoveling down half of it by myself... my buddy was passed out on the bed by the time they delivered.

Saturday, he had to do some shopping for his fiancee so we walked down 5th Ave from 61st (where the hotel was) all the way down to about 34th st. We had lunch at the Rockefeller Center (nothing says tourist like eating lunch there), downed a few beers and then just walked from store to store. His fiancee makes like freakin insane amount of money so her taste was accordingly expensive. By the time shopping was complete, it was like 7pm... 7 hrs of walking is exhausting... That night, we were going to join my other friend from college who was gonna be partying in the Lower East Side... I also find out that LJ and Kev are gonna be downtown around 11pm so it's at least in the same direction and we figured we could hit up both.

We decided to go eat some Japanese food... which was kinda ironic that we eat Japanese food in the U.S. when next week, we'd be doing the exact same thing. However, my buddy was tired of eating burgers and pasta so he wanted something different... being in Richmond, I don't have access to Japanese food... I mean there are Japanese restaurants but it's f*ckin awful... it's like shit on a platter... I mean to serve that garbage and call it japanese food is an insult... (there's more to japanese food than sushi, in case you are wondering). Anyways, so we went to an area that was like Little Japan... basically in the Lower East Side area. We had some yakitori which is chicken on skewers, some cube steaks with ginger/soy sauce, edamame, etc. We order a pitcher and we kick off night #2. Basically a prelude to what we will be doing in Japan next week. Woot.

After dinner, we head to the bar in LES to join my friend from college. More beers are downed and then around 11:30, I tell my buddy that we need to go to another bar so that I can see LJ and Kev. I'm not sure why but I was pretty hammered by the time I got there... We ordered a few drinks and it wasn't until Sunday that I remembered that it was on their tab... Kev, LJ, I owe you big time. That's twice now that I was up in NY, saw you guys and you guys picked up the tab. Next one is definitely on me. Maybe in Vegas??? :)

We then went back to the bar in LES (not sure how or when we decided to leave... that part is kind of a blur), drank more, I found out that the "easy girl that would put out" (so dubbed by my friend from college) had left, so just kept drinking more, and the rest of the night is kind of a blur. I know that once again, we ordered food at like 3am... I know this, mainly because of the call history on my phone. We got cheesesticks and wings this time and I do remember devouring them.

Sunday, my buddy and I had breakfast at the hotel and by 2pm, I was back safe and sound in Richmond. NY was a total blast and I love that place. I also learned later that I drunk texted these guys. Good times.

I hope everyone had a nice and profitable weekend.

Oh, and a big congrats to Gnome for cashing in the FTOPS ME. I busted out in the 3rd hr when I shoved my dwindling stack with AQ. It was no match against AK.

And don't you love how I write a lengthy post right after commenting that I don't feel like writing? Good times.


pokerpeaker said...

One of my favorite places to eat, in fact I always go there for my birthdays, is one of those Japanese restaurants where they cook the food in front of you on a grill. Mmmm...shrimp.

But now I feel bad because that's probably the crappy food you were talking about.

Gnome said...

Have a good time in Japan.

Anonymous said...

you gonna be missing work at all? HAHA, if it's any consulation I think everyone pretty much hates their job.

Anyone reading this like their job?