Thursday, May 1, 2008

Back to normal *pretty much nonpoker content*

As indicated in my last post, the past few days have been hectic... as a matter of fact, the last few weeks have been hectic... I can't remember the last time I worked less than 50 hours in a week. But the other night, after I busted out of Skill series, I went back to the office around 11pm and worked all night... first time ever in my career to pull an all nighter... I've done a work till 2am and be back in the office by 6am... but never have I pulled an all nighter (pretty amazing considering I spent 8 years in public accounting, I jump to the corporate world and pull an all nighter). I worked till 7:30am, went home, showered and changed, and was back in the office by 9am. I was starting to fade in the afternoon but all the reports were filed on time and so first disaster averted. We are currently in the process of hiring and I will be interviewing a few people on Friday and Monday. The powers to be realized that we are short staffed. Hey, what took so long!!!

I still did manage to play some poker. Last night, I left work shortly after 5pm, went home, slept till about 9 (I set my alarm) and ate/got ready to play the Mookie. It's still kind of a blur but my bust out hand was me jamming T9s into cmitch's AJ. I also managed to get my much needed 200 points so I qualify for the ironman on the last day of the month. Phew. I mean otherwise, I would have to play in the gold freeroll. Bleh.

Now last Friday, I went out for a few beers with my friends and one of my friends mentioned that I need to increase my nonpoker posts. Funny because if I string together too many poker posts, I hear some of you mention that I need to up my poker content... you know, since it is a poker blog.

So I'm debating creating a separate blog so that I could keep this very poker heavy and the other one being pretty much nonpoker stuff. Matt (Mclarich) does it and I read both his poker post (which hasn't been updated in a while, I think) and his nonpoker blog (which, to me, is just as entertaining). So, I don't know if I will or not but just something that I am contemplating these days. I should be back to posting more frequently again with some more poker content.

Congrats to waffles for winning April TLB, to lucko for winning the 3rd event in BBT3 (fuckin sick), and to me for still being in the lead for the $2k prop bet.


Mike Maloney said...

Only one blog plz. Just specify in the title what the post is pertaining too (Kind of like what I do in my blog). kthx.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mike. Great blog the way it is. I really like the mix.

Your friends are lame.

Sia said...

I like the mix too.

However, it is fun to have a non-poker blog....a lot of upkeep though.

May not have the time

(that last line should be said in a Will Ferrell tone of voice)


Taddy said...

Thank you for coming my blog.
I can read English a little.I want to talk about Poker.

Sia said...

For the record, I find it ironic that you haven't posted a blog in 5 days....after just posting a blog about how you are thinking about doing TWO blogs.

Step it up.

Regards - concerned fan (stalker)

Matt said...

I keep my blogs separate because, for the most part, I have two distinctly separate audiences. Whether you keep your stuff on one blog or two really isn't that much of a hassle - I say separate it only if you're concerned about your audience, keep it together if you don't. Most of your poker readers will probably be interested in the personal stuff anyways.