Thursday, March 20, 2008

Maybe you care, maybe you don't


I know I haven't posted much the past few days. Work has been busy during regular work hours and then after that, we've had a company happy hour on Tuesday and Wednesday... so, you probably saw my name at the table... however, I didn't play a single hand in either the Skills game or the Mookie. You're welcome for my $10 donation.

My team/dept has been a lot more lively and fun since I took over this group... which is probably not surprising for those of you that read this who actually worked for/with me before. Nothing like introducing a tray of soco shots to guys/girls who thought this was supposed to be a tame company happy hour... and getting cut off at one of the bars on Tuesday night (Bar Louie for the Richmond locals - so effin ghey... it's probably that family of 7 that complained about us. If you have little kids, don't take them to a bar for dinner and expect the place to be quiet... even on a Tuesday night). That whole thing reminds me of that pink shirt motherf*cker from BW's.

No happy hour tonight so that means I will actually play the Riverchasers. Is it NLHE or something else? Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter. See you all tonight!

PS. I'm still debating about the trip up to AC to join the likes of LJ and Lucko. I don't know who else is going but it seemed like a good excuse to go.

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Shrike said...

What, you have something better to do? I can't believe you wouldn't go to AC. ;)