Thursday, March 13, 2008

Last night, I didn't get home till about 10:45pm but I was still able to play in the Mookie for about 30 minutes before I busted out. I wasn't in the right frame of mind so I couldn't care less about that. However, when I tuned into BDR, Tragedy was talking about some sort of donation so I hit him up on the girly chat to find out what they were talking about. Basically, they were trying to get us, poker degenerates, to do something nice with our cash for once. He told me that Al's friend was doing the 3-day breast cancer walk in Philadelphia. In the past, people very close to me have participated in the one in D.C. and so I know how grueling, nasty, and tough it is to actually do this 3 day walk (they walk 60 miles in 3 days - NOT EASY).

I, so far, have been very fortunate to not know anyone who has had to fight breast cancer. But I'm sure there are quite a few out there that's either a friend of a friend or some sort of a family friend who may have been affected by breast cancer. So, once I heard that, I decided to show my support.

RecessRampage (FTP) and Dirty Vizzer (PS) are both anti-cancer. If you want to join all the cool kids and send a big "F*ck You" to cancer, here's the link to do so.

Oh, and I was in training all day yesterday so didn't get to post this... close but no dice... ok though since I was a PLO rookie. And yet, even I was shocked with some of the plays that I thought were terrible. Admittedly, I had to verify with the Assistant that they were bad and he confirmed. I played tight all tournament, which makes sense since the only thing I know about PLO is from what the Assistant tells me and he is the self proclaimed "tightest Omaha player."

On Bodonkey, Tragedy sucks out on me with a two outer after we get all our money in on a Q-3-3 flop, me with AA, him with KQ. Tragedy, after I reraised you preflop and bet that big on the flop, what did you think I had!? Oh, and btw, I just got your voicemail. Thanks for the phone call. :)

No strategy posts today. I got another busy day ahead of me.

One more thing. Looks like Emptyman and I will be playing the HUC6 finals tonight at 9pm EST. Should be fun. See you all tonight.


lj said...

huh? bayne plays tight?

bayne_s said...

In fairness Chad pinned me with "Tightest PLO player in world" label

SirFWALGMan said...

HU looooooser lol. Good run man.

Instant Tragedy said...

You were short stacked and I thought you were just stealing.

I tried a resteal and CAUGHT. Yes, I am a luckbox. I admit that in that particular hand, I AM A LUCKBOX


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Um, by shortstacked, you mean I actually had you covered and we both had more chips than everyone else at the table? Come on.