Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend of Futility

Before I start, today is Monday and that only means one thing (aside from the fact that it sucks cuz it's the first day of the work week)... Mondays at the Hoy! So, bloggers and nonbloggers alike, come on out. $24+2 tourney at 10pm EST, password is "hammer" on FullTilt.

Next, go congratulate this sicko. He, unlike my whiny ass, played well and is WSOP bound! It would be great to see some of the bloggers make some serious noise at the Main Event... and I think we are putting up a solid line up. Couple that with the fact that I think the Main Event will have less donkeys than last year because Harrah's no longer accepts third party buy-ins, this could be a good thing. Again, Fuel, congrats!

As for me... well, what a weekend. Losing those two KK hands and being busted out of the tournament really did a number on me... especially given the fact that I didn't think the players were all that great and I felt that I could win my way into the 100 seat guarantee, that beat put a little hurtin on me. Now, I know bad beats suck and believe me, I'm generally not one to complain about it. But for me to be saying it the following morning, I think clearly illustrates how much it hurt. LJ, on the other hand played well but unfortunately was bounced from the tournament with about 10 players left for the seat, maybe less for some cash. She made a comment about how she'd rather bust out early than bubble. And I agree... when I bubble... but when I bust out early, I find myself saying I'd rather bubble because then I have a fighting chance... :) I guess that just means that I'd rather not get bounced at all.

On the flip side, I felt that I played well on my cash games. I posted a few hands but all in all, it was a pretty good weekend... unfortunately, it was one of those weekends where I don't have much to show for. I played well but I got sucked out on couple of big pots and so after playing a lot of poker this weekend, I was back to where I started on Friday... nothing like playing well and breaking even... so rigged.

So, I am hoping that instead of my usual hateful Mondays, that this is the beginning of the new week where maybe I could go on a rush, take down a BBT or two, but definitely make some serious cash at the cash tables. Hey, I can hope.


Fuel55 said...

I can feel the love!

Matt said...

Looks like you had a rollercoaster of a weekend on the virtual felt. Good to see you lived through it.

I got your email and will respond as soon as I can find the hands I had questions about.

And there's a slight chance I might make the Hoy tonight if I can score a token in time, but either way, I'll probably stop to rail for a bit.