Wednesday, June 20, 2007

PAPT (Home Game) Update

*Warning* If you're not interested in our home game, this post might... errr, probably will bore you to tears.

Ok, now consider yourself warned.

I think Sia can attest to the fact that I play more online poker than anyone he knows. I mean it's almost like a disease. I won't play if I have less than 30 minutes but if I have more than 30 minutes to kill, I will immediately fire up a table or two. So, last night, I got home from work around 6 and Mrs Recess had her pilates class until 6:45 so I decided to play a little online poker. Fired up two 2-4NL 6 max tables and by the time I was done, I was up a buy-in with a big pot coming when a donk tried bluffing his missed flush draw against my set. I mean bluffing is one thing but he overbet by pushing all in. Oh well. Thanks.

At 7pm, I had dinner with Mrs Recess and shortly thereafter, headed over to the PAPT, hoping to repeat my performance from last week. 8 runners, typical sng style tourney in our weekly home game. It was a weird night though. Tyke, our PAPT player of the year front runner, was on tilt the whole time because his laptop was being "Windows"... you know, blue screen of death, memory dumping, etc. Typical. No, no, I'm not a Mac guy or anything... I just accept those things as part of having a Windows computer... just like I've come to accept that bad beats are part of poker.

Anyways, I was down to half my starting stack early when I lost two big pots in these two hands...

Two limpers, I bump it up to T$12 (I think the blinds were 1-2) with AQ and they both call. Flop comes Q-10-10 with two spades. both checks to me so I bet about T$15. Then I get raised for T$30 more by Shaun, who is a fairly tight but aggressive player. However, I did not peg him as a guy who would make a play against me with nothing so I was pretty convinced he had a T there. I spew some more chips by calling on the flop but folding on the turn when he fires out another big bet. Then few hands later, I find 99 UTG. I limp and it fold around to the button who raises. Shaun calls from the SB, BB calls and I call. Flop comes 7-7-2 (hammer time!) with two diamonds and Shaun bets out T$20. I bump it up to $50 and it's folded back to Shaun who reraises me for a $100 more... Well, with 99, there wasn't too much I could beat at that point so I decided to save my chips for a better spot... turns out I folded a better hand (I told him 9s and he said they were good) but my guess is he must have had two overcards both diamonds. I was down to about T$80 from the starting stack of T$175 but I just felt that I could still find a better spot. I was upset for a little but fortunately, my cards were so bad for the next few orbits that I didn't even have a chance to tilt my chips away.

Fortunately, I picked up decent cards at good times and my all ins were called a few times which enabled me to double up 3-4 times and eventually, I was heads up against... Shaun. We battled it out for a fair amount of time but there were two key hands where it tipped the scale. I turned two pair but slowplayed it where he eventually caught a straight on the river. I doubled him up there... Then he pulled a monster bluff with 6-3 on a board of A-J-9-x-x where I had to lay down my K9 on the river... In hindsight, that was such a bad fold... but it is what it is. Alas, after those, he kept constantly pressuring me and eventually, I got frustrated, pushed my Q8o into his KQ and I bust out 2nd... Helps that I'm a donk but very well played by him.

So, for all that trouble, I won $60... net profit $35... after 3.5hrs of work... maybe I shoulda stayed home and played online...

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Sia said...

back to back cash. Gotta like that.