Monday, August 17, 2009

Week 4

Every week, when I update my chest workout (I obv do other things on other days), I start to wonder if I should just start another blog consisting entirely of my workouts... but then again, the only reason I post this is to provide feedback to my buddy JT... which then leads me to wonder if I should just email this to him... but then yet again, I would think, hey I'm typing this much, I might as well "blog" about it since otherwise, this will never get updated... Maybe that's ok. This blog is kinda on its last leg as of right now. I feel like I'm so busy these days that I really don't have much to post on here - or the time to post on here. Before, it was somewhat therapeutic to type thoughts on here... but now, not really. I don't hate it, nor do I force myself to do it because I actually love blogging/writing but I just feel like there's no sense of direction on this blog these days. Oh well... it is what it is and it's a reflection of myself so I guess feel free to keep reading if you are interested. If not, well, if you read this blog at some point, thanks for that nonetheless. After week 7 when I supposedly reach my goal, you won't be burdened by my chest workout blog... and I can see myself getting back into blogging about other things but right now, my focus is pretty much on the 7 week lifting plan to be able to put up over 150% of my body weight.

Ok, without further ado...

Flat Dumbbell Press
50 x 12-15 (did 15)
70 x 8 (done)
90 x 2 plus 2-4 forced reps (I did 5... but no forced reps... I think I fucked up here by not getting in any FR's but I didn't really know the spotter too well and so I just kinda gave up)
55 x 6-8 all negatives (55 x 8 regular - no spotter...)

This whole no spotter thing is going to be a theme for today which kinda pisses me off because I went to the Y earlier than usual today, hoping that there will be trainers working there who knows what they are doing. And yet, not a single trainer was found. That's one thing that sucks about the Y... you never know what you get.

Incline Dumbbell Press
40 x 12 (done)
60 x 6-8 (did 8)
70 x 2-4 (FAIL!!! I could not get this up and with no spotter, I just couldn't get it started... at the same time, my triceps felt pretty nonexistent... so, instead, I did 65 x 6...)

Flat Dumbbell Fly
3 sets of 45lbs (done)

Dips - all sets to failure
14, 13, 11

At this point, I had absolutely nothing left... first 6-7 dips went smooth and after that, it's almost like hitting a bump... and then once I got to like 10, it was like hitting a wall... first set, I couldn't come back up on my 15th attempt... same for set 2 and 3.

Overall, it felt like a good workout but I was pissed that my workout was slightly cramped by the fact that I didn't have a spotter. I feel like an idiot can spot barbells but not necessarily dumbbells. I might have to get my buddy JT in to the Y (he's a member at another gym) for the last few workouts leading up to week 7 since I would think the next few weeks would be critical. Dammit YMCA, how do you not have trainers working on one of the most crowded nights!?


JT said...

getting those negatives on the last set of dumbbell flat was pretty crucial. however, you are making some good progress. last week, you got 3 with 90s on flat dumbbell. this week, you got 5. nice, almost double the reps with that high weight. let me know if you can get me in the Y. only 3 more weeks until MONEY baby!

pokerpeaker said...

I am not going to do the Vegas Half since it's the weekend before the blogger weekend and I'd rather go to that. But I am also thinking next year I'm going to do the half regardless.

lj said...

these posts have the added bonus of me saying, once every couple weeks when i check bloglines, woo hoo, alan posted. then i realize it's how many reps of x you did. still nice to see you're alive. :-)