Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm bored with Richmond

Unfortunately, this is NOT a "I'm finally moving!" post... But instead, I think I found a way to get out of town, at least on the weekends. Now I have yet to run a half marathon but I think I can see myself enjoying those since it's not THAT taxing (I'm guessing) and it will only take like 2 hrs at most to complete (I'm assuming).

Ok, so my guess and my assumption could be completely off... but I'm fairly certain I can go out and run 13 miles in less than 2 hrs right now... and I don't even run per se (I do plenty of cardio with biking and swimming and bball). If I train, I'm pretty certain I can maintain a pretty decent speed up to about the half marathon. So, anyways, that's my long way of saying that in 2010, I'm considering doing all the Rock N Roll Half Marathon Series.

Currently, the following are scheduled:

I'm obv signed up for Vegas but now I'm considering doing a bunch of these next year.

The only problem is that they are mostly Sunday races... how ghey is that? If it were a Saturday, I can run, chill out for a few hrs and then enjoy the weekend night life in various cities. Who the fuck goes out on Sunday nights!? Wanna know who? Bunch of dudes watching Sunday Night Football. Bad beat!

Nonetheless, I think I'm gonna seriously consider pursuing this. Let me know if anyone is interested in doing something like this as well.

Oh, and here's the course map for Vegas half... Basically, we'll be starting out by the MGM-ish area and then run all the way down and back up the strip. This should be fun. I'm definitely getting excited about this.


Trebek said...

Sounds like quite an interesting plan.

Do it...I'm sure it will give you something to remember for years.

I'll say this. I trained for a half and my knees were still sore for a couple days after the actual race.

spritpot said...

If you come to San Diego, we should hang out. No fawking way I'm running a half marathon with you though.


pokerpeaker said...

First of all, I really like this idea. Second, you train unconventionally, but it seems to work for you, and so I'm all for it. But you're going to really have to watch it. That's a LOT, and a half marathon is pretty punishing to your body. Trust me. I would take them one at a time and be sure to listen to your body and skip one if you have to.
But a great goal, to be sure.

Anonymous said...

If you are going to run a mini, run the best mini, the most recognized mini in the world... the 500 Festival Mini Marathon in Indianapolis. The course includes a lap on the track. Get your registration in now for 2010, 35k runners plus pro runners. It will sell out fast, probably by the end of October.

David said...

Looks like a great circuit.