Monday, August 3, 2009

Week 2 of the Master Plan

Shockingly, this is only week 2 and yet I actually felt a little stronger. When I started warming up with 135, it was astonishingly light. The cool thing about this workout is that the incline dumbbell made me feel strong. I mean I'm 6'0 tall but only weigh 165lbs... so I clearly have a smaller frame than some of the guys that work out a lot... and yet when I was doing the 65lb dumbbells and 70lbs dumbbells, there's like a guy who looks huge doing the same weights. Of course, he was doing a few more reps than I was doing but not much. It just made me feel pretty good about myself. Pack a lot of punch in this tiny body. I mean unless you're a beast like Riggs, I'm pretty sure the weights I'm lifting for my weight is pretty decent... especially considering the height. On the board I was talking about which had the body weight %, everyone at the top of the list are several inches shorter than I am.

Well, here was the detail of week 2.

Flat Barbell
135 x 12-15 (I did 15)
185 x 8-10 (I did 8... I felt like I could do more but I didn't have a spotter. That was my mistake)
220 x 2-4 (I couldn't find 2.5lbs so I just did 225 x 3... 3rd one was spotter assisted)
185 x 6-8 plus 2-4 negatives (I did 6 plus 1 spotter assisted and 2 negatives... 2nd negative was reeeeeeeeeally hard)

Incline Dumbbell
40 x 10 (done)
60 x 6 (last week, I felt stronger on the incline so I tweaked this - did 65 x 6)
70 x 2-4 plus 2-4 forced reps (I did 4 plus 2 forced reps - perfect weight/rep combination)

Incline Dumbbell Fly
25 x 12 (done)
2 sets of 40 x 6 (done and done)

Decline Barbell
135 to failure (I did 14 plus 1 forced rep - I actually thought I would at least do 15 but around rep #13, my chest started giving out)


Riggstad said...

That's a rockin' workout cuz! very intense. It's going to mess with your jump shot for a while, but keep it up.


Trebek said...

Killing it. Keep it up.