Monday, August 10, 2009

Week 3

Man, how the days go by so fast. I feel like I was just posting results from Week 2 of the JT Master Plan (aka my quest to 250lbs bench press) and it's already time for a week 3 update. Riggs pointed out that he's now on a regimen to lose weight but unlike me, he'll just do it instead of talking about. Riggs, don't be Fuel. That's no fun. So, here I am continuing to document my progress.

You know, one day, maybe I can compile this into a book... like there are so many exercise books to go from fat to thin or lazy to fit or skinny to buff... but there's never any guide for an average-ish guy to go from average to above average or whatever the goal is... of course, that's not as catchy but you get my drift. Let's say you're a 20 something or a 30 something weekend warrior, involved in many activities, but not quite in the type of shape you want to be in. There's never a guide for that. Well, I can use this 7 week master plan as one of my chapters of "how to go from a weekend warrior to being FIT!"

Of course, someone can read this, think it's a good idea, and take it before I even get around to writing a book... oh well. So be it. Without further ado, here's week 3 (as usual, the weight in lbs times range of reps is what was JT's design and in parenthesis is what I actually did):

Flat Dumbbell Bench
50 x 12-15 (did 15)
60 x 10-12 (did 12)
70 x 8 (done)
80 x 4-6 (did 6)
90 x 2-4 (required help to initially get it up. Did 3 with little help on the 3rd)

I will say, I felt a little "tough" since the heaviest dumbbells that the Y has are 100lbs (they have up to 120lbs dummbells in the other wing).

Incline Barbell
95 x 12-15 (did 15)
135 x 8-10 (did 7)
155 x 4-6 (did 3 + 2 forced reps)
135 to failure (did 8 - 8th, I can barely get it up but required no help. Then did 1 forced rep - on the forced rep, my left arm felt nonexistent)

Pushups x 4 sets to failure
43, 21, 20, 15

After the first set, my triceps and chest was nonexistent... I was certain I can at least hit 100 after 4 sets so I was a little disappointed but on the last set, I really had nothing left... Actually on all sets, I was down and half way up but couldn't lock my elbows before I collapsed. At least it was to failure...



Astin said...

I'm pretty sure the P90X system is designed for the fit guy to become the ripped guy. They don't really advertise it as such, but from what I've heard, it's not for couch potatoes to start with, it's for the guys who are already active.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Astin, I am actually doing P90X... that thing is NOT necessarily for the fit guy to ripped guy.. I think that's from ripped to uber ripped.

First time I did that, I was done 5 minutes into it because my abs cramped up. It's a 15 minute workout... I can now get up till like 10 minutes with some breaks in between...

David said...

Good luck with it all - I really like your blog :)