Saturday, February 14, 2009


Dwight Howard is SICK!!!!

Seriously, is this guy human?

Last year, I watched the dunk contest for the first time in a while... and it's rare that I would get up and yell when there's a spectacular dunk because... well, that's what they do. But man, if you wanna see some pure, sick athleticism, Dwight Howard brings it.

Now, if there are any haters out there, I'd say this. Slam dunk contest is about the dunk, but also about the creativity that goes into it. You know, capture the crowd, get everyone going. Even before his "Superman Dunk" this was like shocking to see:

And of course, there was this:

Of course, I've heard people say "well, that's not a dunk, he threw that in there." Um, ok. Yeah, so that's even sicker. What sick elevation do you have to get to "throw" a ball DOWN into the hoop? This guy is unreal.

And now, we have this year. Unfortunately, no vid available as of yet but my god... The way he captures the crowd is awesome. There's the 12 foot hoop dunk... and then he did it. The sick off-the-side-of-the-backboard slam dunk. That was actually awesome. And yet, Nate Robinson topped it! It was all about the presentation. Nate Robinson's final dunk was the key and Dwight helped him by being a great sport about it. Dwight Howard stood in front of the basket so Nate can dunk over "Superman." Knowing the background, if that didn't get you going, then you need to go get checked out...

On a completely separate note, did Jordan steal this commercial from the NFL Nike commercial? If so, good for him, cuz I love this commercial.

But really, that was clearly a rip of this commercial right?


Riggstad said...

Dude, I think maybe 5 people will care about the NBA allstar game. and I'm one of them!

Dwight Howard is retarded.

Nate gave himself the title (at least for 48 hours) of being the most athletic person on the planet.

Did you see Terrel Owens the night before in the celebrity game?

I could've won that 3 point shoot out :(

Fuel if gay

lj said...

good post. i watched this year's, but didn't know any of the history. that first clip is awesome!!!