Sunday, February 1, 2009

Live blogging the Superbowl

I was just gonna twitter once in a while... and then I realized I'm commenting on every play (another reason people should be glad I'm not at anyone's Superbowl party) so I decided to just live blog it. I may keep it up, I may not... we'll just see where this takes us. So far in twitter this is what I had:

What else can be said? Go Steelers!!!!!

Amazing... NFC won like 10 coin tosses in the Superbowl in the past 10 years or some thing... oh, 12th consecutive year. Crazy!!

Kurt Warner story was overplayed back in St Louis... and once again, overplayed. I get it, I get it... he bagged groceries before. Yeesh.

Willie Parker giving a big FU to UNC by naming his high school instead.

1st play play action woulda been interesting

ok, 2nd play. either one is good.

hmmm.... what was that with the play clock? On TV, it read zero but no one called anything or said anything about it

BOOM!!! That's our QB!!!

Fuck it, I'm gonna live blog this instead of flooding twitterville

And that brings us to now...

6:43pm Nice challenge by Whiz... at least Tomlin didn't take his crazy chances like he's known to do and instead took the points.

6:46pm Edge is not gonna be able to run against the Steelers... they have a better chance with Hightower (UR represent!)

6:52pm Watching these commercials reminds me why I hate going to Superbowl parties... I'm gonna do a Superbowl rant post here. Man, I must've missed blogging.

6:55pm Dammit Ben!!!! TD if he didn't throw it short!

6:57pm BIG PLAY!!!! Look at Ben dodging and weaving and finding Heath Miller. Big 3rd down conversion!!!

6:58pm WTF was that!? Miami Dolphins offense going no where.

7:01pm End of 1st quarter. Not to jinx it but don't turn the ball over Ben! Let's get a touchdown!

7:02pm Sweet. New Fast and Furious movie? Sweet. I loved that series. Since I prob won't see it in the theater, I can't wait till it comes to TNT in about 2-3 years.

7:08pm BOO YAH!!!! This time it's a TD for real!

7:09pm Holy shit, that Pepsi commercial was painful just watching it...

Youtube is amazing... here's the commercial I was talking about...

7:18pm Rare miss tackle by Polamalu. Sweet cut by Edge but man, Troy just flew right by him...

7:21pm Holy shit... how the hell did Ben Patrick catch that!? Hell of a catch.

7:31pm FUCKIN SHIT!!! Somebody stop this Breaston kid!

7:33pm ABOUT TIME we get a sack!!!!

7:35pm "I can't flex the golden pipes?" LOL I love E*trade commercials.

7:38pm Holy cow, that was a hell of a punt coverage by the Cardinals. Alright, let's do this!

7:41pm SHIT!!! Deflection is deadly...

7:45pm Ike Taylor!? How do you not make that INT dude!!!!

7:46pm Fuckin screen play to Hightower and 3rd down conversion... So ghey.

7:49pm 30 ticks remaining... we need a stop here. Just hold them to a FG please.

7:52pm HOLY SHIT!! oh my god. Holy shit. Harrison INT return 100yds for a TD!!! but there's a flag... please god... give it to us. I don't know what the fuck the call is. Offensive facemask! Holy shit!!!! erhagiorsjfklsdjfageralf;kldfjg;ioergjiopgrehjiohgjaioerjgoriadjgopa'rdjo'pjgopjdfopajg'dj'lrkj!!!!!!!!!!

7:53pm Should be a TD. His knee never hits the ground, I think because his knee lands on Fitz.

7:55pm This is obv so big. Please, we need this TD. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Play stands!!!!!! 17-7 at half time.

7:56pm That is DEVASTATING for the Cardinals. I believe Whiz should be able to calm this team down and this is prob where it helps to have a guy like Kurt Warner leading the offense so that it doesn't get out of hand for them. But huge momentum change there after the Roethlisberger INT to getting the ball back in the endzone and taking it to the other endzone.

8pm Am I supposed to have some 3D glasses? WTF was that commercial?

8:46pm Hines Ward disappears for most of the game after the 2nd play of the game, Al Michaels talks about him, and poof, here he comes with a 3rd down conversion.

8:47pm Bayne is gonna love this. Roethlisberger avoids the tackle all over the place, eventually gets rid of the ball, Dansby comes in to push him to the ground and they call a roughing the passer. Even as a Steelers fan, I hate that call. That's such a pussy call.

8:48pm Santonio Holmes is having a field day against Rodgers Cromartie... seems like whenever they are lined up 1 on 1, they are dumping a short pass to Holmes and he turns it into a decent gain.

8:50pm Willie finally shows off his speed with a nice run! 1st and goal on the 5. TD here would be huge with 4:40 remaining in the 3rd quarter.

8:53pm This is starting to get one-sided, much to my surprise. Jeff Reed makes the FG and the score is now 20-7. Oh shit!!!! Penalty on Adrian Wilson running over the holder. This gives the Steelers 1st down on the 1yd line!

It's not even the points here that's big. The fact that the Steelers can get 3 more tries and kill the clock even more (I know it's early but every minute counts). Of course, the ball gets batted and almost becomes an INT...

8:56pm Unfortunately, we couldn't make Adrian Wilson pay for his penalty. So, we're back to where we were 3 minutes ago... 20-7.

9:05pm End of 3rd quarter. 1 more quarter until the Steelers have the most Superbowl wins in history. Go Steelers!

9:16pm BOOM! Breaston doesn't call for a fair catch and gets hit immediately at the 13yd line. That was a nice punt. Even better coverage.

9:19pm With 11 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter, Larry Fitzgerald only has one catch for like 11 or 12 yards. Basically the Steelers have taken him out of the game. Of course, he makes another catch but that's only like a 6 yard catch.

9:25pm 8 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter, the Cardinals are getting in rhythm. Warner is like 9 for 9 (maybe more) this drive... and of course, Fitzgerald scores on a fade route. 8 plays for 87 yards. Man, Fitz is a beast... 20-14.

9:30pm Uh oh... Ben just got sacked. 6:30 remaining in the 4th quarter, it's like 3rd and 16... not good...

9:35pm Tempers flaring up. Bolding and Ike Taylor get into it. I actually think the offending party was Ike... and sure enough, that's what the call is. Way to cost us another 15 yards you dipshit.

9:36pm Trey, thanks for the comment. No, I didn't think we can contain Fitz the whole a matter of fact, I'm surprised it took this long for Fitz to get his catches. That guy is def an unbelievable receiver.

9:37pm If the Steelers can hold on to win, Harrison has to be the MVP... aside from the INT return for a TD which alone should be enough, he's wreaking havoc and causing 30 yards in penalty (3 holding calls against Gandy who is supposed to protect Warner from him).

9:38pm Is it just me or what? I used to remember Brenda Warner being like a man or something in his St Louis days... now she's a hot blonde? Has she always been that way?

9:39pm Big defensive stop here. 4th and 20, 3:36 remaining. That was big. But huge punt coverage, the ball is downed at the 2 yard line... but there's a flag on the play... Oh FUCK. Harrison called for a penalty... apparently (fortunately) after the play... holy shit, based on the replay, that was dirty.... wtf is he doing? He should be thrown out. He can expect a fine from Goodell on that one. What an idiot.

9:42pm Wow, Parker barely gets out of the endzone. So close. This game is getting too close for comfort.

9:44pm BIG BIG BIG!!!!! Santonio Holmes with a big catch. OH SHIT!!!! big... Holmes catches a 3rd down conversion pass... but a holding call negates it and instead is called a safety giving the Cardinals 2 points... Huge momentum swing. This is crazy... Steelers D will not really be put to the test. 2:58 remaining in the 4th and the Steelers up 20-16...

9:47pm Please keep pressuring Warner. You're not gonna cover 3 good receivers. And as I type that Fitz breaks Jerry Rice record for the most TDs in the post season, and gives the Cardinals the lead. Man, he's fast... 23-20 Cardinals.

I told all of you that this game was gonna be tougher than everyone made it sound...

9:54pm 2 minutes remaining. Let's see if Ben can make it happen.

9:55pm I don't know how the hell Ben got rid of the ball. Come on... 1 minute remaining. Steelers with one timeout remaining after this one.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! BIG BIG pass and catch with Holmes!!! Holy cow. So it comes down to this. 49 seconds remaining, ball on the 5yd line of the Cardinals. I think our red zone offense is not that good but come on man... one time. I need this.

So close. Holmes almost had a TD catch... went right thru his hands... Fitz woulda caught that... I'm just saying...

OH my god!!!! Holmes!!!! Big playmaker!!!!! Please please please please be in. It looks good. I think. Come on. Please. Right foot looks in. Yes. yes. Come on... please... Holmes, I hate OSU but I love you man!!!! This is legit. It looks legit. Yes. It's definitely in. Come on!!! CONFIRM!!!

Holmes has been such a clutch guy for us this season. That is huge. He is our answer to Fitz. YES!!! And now, it's official. Oh my god, oh my god.

Defense and special team hold please. 35 seconds. Let's stop them. We need good kick coverage and contain that high octane offense.

They need 77 yds in 29 seconds. If anyone can do it, they can with 2 time outs. Please. #1 D in the league. Time to live up to the hype boys!

Another catch by Fitz. 22 seconds left. We still need to apply pressure to Warner I think... 55 yds to go...

They use one more time out... no time outs remaining, 15 seconds remaining... I think the ball is on the Steelers 40 something... Just keep them out of the endzone!!!

The Steelers D comes through!!!!!!! When we need them the most, they come through. Is it officially a fumble? No review? I actually think it might be incomplete pass. It looks like Warner is trying to get it out. I don't know at one point is considered a fumble and what point it's considered a fumble. Al Michaels think it's a fumble. There it is. #6 baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phew.... such an emotionally exhausting game. In the end, all the stars came out to play. Fitz def did his part, Warner played tough, game was good, Ben stepped up, Holmes made his big play... I'm exhausted.

Trey made a very good comment and no, I didn't think it was a jinx when you mentioned it. I think this shows that the Steelers did what no other NFC team could do in the playoffs... keep the Cardinals' score to less than 30 points. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Trey said...

Steelers will pull this out, but you didn't think you could contain the best WR in football the entire game did you?

Trey said...

Breaston the BEAST!

Trey said...

23 - 21 the final score? As long as the Steelers keep it under 7 i am happy...

Trey said...

Warner falling apart

Trey said...

Wow what a punt... Yes media consultants got a hold of her and "dolled" her up

Trey said...

Harrison just cost himself a trip to Disney World

Trey said...

Wow GAME changing holding call

Trey said...

And there boys and girls is your MVP, what a player... Steelers still have time

Trey said...

Not to jinx you but the Cards have scored 30 points at least in every playoff game....

Trey said...

The cards covered.... SHIP IT!!!!

Matt said...

Congrats man. Tough game for me, but all things considered, the Steelers played better. New blog post is up, capturing my feelings better than any comment here could.

lj said...

fun read. i'm just glad i had the right side of the spread. :)

spritpot said...

congrats, Pinky. Although that call on the last play of the game should have been reviewed.

spritpot said...

And also, I think Pitt would be better off going for it on fourth and inches on the goal line in the first quarter.