Monday, February 16, 2009

More Superman!

In my previous post, I mentioned that the dunk contest is about more than just the dunks. I mean the chances are, by now, it's been done before. The dunk from the free throw line, the ball around under your legs jam, the no look Dee Brown jam, etc etc... I mean really, you'd have to do something different and new to really get the crowd going. And that's what Dwight Howard does. I mean it's sh*t like this, from the set up, the use of props, that comedic nature of it all that makes him so fun to watch in the dunk contest. It's kinda like the good days of Ocho Cinco when he did his thing... I know that now, his stock went into the sh*tter but in his prime, he was funny as hell to watch.

Case in point. This is impressive alone but I don't think people go as crazy if the initial build up is not there.

Of course, he will then unleash his sick athleticism with this dunk. I mean this was just sick.

Riggs mentioned in the comments to my previous post that Dwight ruined his chances for his consecutive win by allowing this:

But see, I disagree. Winning the slam dunk contest, once you've done it before, is really not an accomplishment. I mean it's just for fun. And I think that Dwight was willing to be a part of the prop by allowing himself to get dunked over. I actually like the fun loving nature of these dunk contests than the selfish, immature, cocky, I am holier than thou attitude that a lot of the NBAers seemed to have had the past few years. After the Olympic Gold and watching these, I can definitely get back into the NBA... which is saying a lot considering I stopped watching the NBA (aside from the playoffs) from like 1996...


Riggstad said...

Cuz dunk'd on and over SUPERMAN!!!

Nothing more than just pure entertainment!

I really do look forward to the NBA all star weekend every year. That and baseball really are the only two I enjoy.

Hockey's cool but who cares? Football is my favorite sport, but again, who about the pro bowl?

Football is about purpose. There is no purpose to the pro bowl.

Fuel is gay - and sucks at golf! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

Gmello said...

I thought this blog was about poker?