Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What now???

Unlike my normal posts, this will be short (I may post something later). I was at work past midnight last night and I put in a very long day today again. I'm exhausted but I just received this email from Fulltilt. Does anyone know what this is about? It's a cash deposit made by them so I must have qualified for some other bonus or something? Bayne, I'm basically looking at you for guidance since you seem to be in tune with the promotions that they run over at FTP.

I'm not complaining or anything about free money... I'm just curious to see what I did to deserve this.

EDIT - As soon as I posted this, I got this email from Fulltilt. Do they read my blog???

Very interesting considering the scandal that seems to be surrounding the world of online poker these days. Good for them to take the initiative!


Fuel55 said...

I got money back from a tourney once. $118 or something like that. Same circumstances.

Sia said...

I got that same email from Full Tilt one time. But instead of giving me 58 bucks they simply said,

"just stop playing bro ... you freaking suck at poker."

I was kind of offended actually....but at the end of the day, I knew it was the right advice.

Thanks Full Tilt.

-The More You Know


Corron said...

Do you remember any "suspicious play"?

These mulit-accounts are really disturbing...

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Actually, not really. I mean I'm 4 tabling so it would be pretty hard to tell unless someone is just absolutely killing it. I don't remember anyone like that.

spritpot said...

got 140 bux did some other folks i play with at NL400.

emptyman said...

These stupid poker sites!

I got a refund of $535 from a tournament I played with POTRIPPER on AP. Just when I was getting good and pissed at them.

It's so hard to stay mad when they send cash to apologize. Guess I'm a cash-whore.

Buy yourself somethin' nice with all that coin!