Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Couple of 6 max hands where I'm dealt AA

Work sucks. I am so freakin busy, I'm working late, sometimes weekends, and that's taking time away from poker. Being the degenerate that I am, it really irks me. Which is also why I haven't posted too many HHs. It also doesn't help that there's no good software like PT or the new Hold'em Manager for Macs. I will say this. If you are buying a new computer and your primary use of that computer will be to play poker (which might only be a handful of degenerates), don't buy a Mac. Having said that, in every other aspect, I love my Mac. Just poker-wise, it's not ideal. I did hear though that Pokertracker3 and Hold'em Manager, once they are out of beta testing, will also release a Mac version. That would be sweet. I haven't really had a chance to analyze my game in the past month or so. For what it's worth, I'm up a good bit this month so I guess that's good... but it would help to also analyze the leaks that I clearly have in my game. Having said that, here are few hands where I was dealt AA.

1) Is folding AA in a 6 max game too weak?

Wow, and I just noticed that we were 5 handed... maybe that was a bad fold...

Full Tilt Poker Game #4824066049: Table El Camino (6 max) - $2/$4 - No Limit Hold'em - 19:44:50 ET - 2008/01/11
Seat 2: RecessRampage ($1,280.10)
Seat 3: spongato ($360)
Seat 4: jordiepop02 ($493.40)
Seat 5: Burnt Mur ($120.30)
Seat 6: syntaxeror ($745)
syntaxeror posts the small blind of $2
RecessRampage posts the big blind of $4
The button is in seat #5

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to RecessRampage [Ac Ah]
spongato raises to $8
jordiepop02 calls $8
Burnt Mur is sitting out
Burnt Mur folds
syntaxeror folds
Burnt Mur stands up
RecessRampage raises to $34
spongato calls $26
jordiepop02 folds

*** FLOP *** [8d Jh 6h]
RecessRampage bets $65
spongato has 15 seconds left to act
spongato raises to $155
RecessRampage has 15 seconds left to act
RecessRampage calls $90

*** TURN *** [8d Jh 6h] [5d]
RecessRampage checks
spongato has 15 seconds left to act
spongato bets $171, and is all in
RecessRampage has 15 seconds left to act
RecessRampage has requested TIME
RecessRampage folds
Uncalled bet of $171 returned to spongato
spongato mucks
spongato wins the pot ($385)

Now that I look at this HH after over a week, I am thinking that this was a terrible, terrible fold/play on my part. This is as donkish as I could have played this hand. For what it's worth, my thought process was that when the guy made a min raise and then called my reraise, I assumed he had a medium pocket pair. When the flop came and he checkraised me, I was almost convinced that he flopped a set. The problem is, if I'm convinced that he flopped a set, why did I call? I don't know much about this player so I didn't have that going for me either. I don't know. Now that I look at this, this is kinda disappointing. I think I should either shove or fold on the flop. There was no reason for me to call the flop, even though I know that at the time it made sense. Sometimes, I can be such a fish.

2) Getting tricky with AA

I don't always reraise with AA. As you can see from above (regardless of whether it was a good or a bad fold), I can fold aces. So, sometimes, I have no problem disguising my hand by smooth calling a raise (I never limp aces though - there's a clear distinction there) especially at a 6 max table where it could induce a squeeze.

Full Tilt Poker Game #4876193234: Table Reflex (6 max) - $2/$4 - No Limit Hold'em - 23:22:31 ET - 2008/01/15
Seat 1: theASHMAN103 ($419)
Seat 2: big work ($563)
Seat 3: Donkitover ($386)
Seat 4: chuz2001 ($404)
Seat 5: RecessRampage ($482.20)
Seat 6: Shady Poker ($411.90)
theASHMAN103 posts the small blind of $2
big work posts the big blind of $4
The button is in seat #6

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to RecessRampage [Ad As]
Donkitover folds
chuz2001 raises to $14
RecessRampage calls $14 <--- from the CO
Shady Poker folds
theASHMAN103 calls $12 <--- SB
big work has 15 seconds left to act
big work raises to $52 <--- perfect opportunity for a squeeze
chuz2001 has 15 seconds left to act
chuz2001 calls $38
RecessRampage has 15 seconds left to act
RecessRampage has requested TIME

So here, I had to think of what to do. I don't mind getting tricky with aces but if the opportunity presents itself, I'd like to be heads up instead of seeing a multiway flop. If I call here, the other two would also have pot odds to call. Now that doesn't mean that they would but I knew that if I called, I would entice the other two to come in, almost guaranteeing a loss with my AA. The initial raiser calls the reraise even though he's got 3 players behind him. That means he must have a fairly strong hand (if he has AA or KK at this point, I'm sure he woulda shoved). So, I thought about reraising again but they all say that the 3rd or the 4th raise are always AA. So, instead of putting in another pot sized raise that would look real strong, I decided to do shove since the pot is already huge. Plus, since I initially called, it would be hard to give me credit for AA or KK, I think. Plus, shoving sometimes looks weak. If I get everyone to fold, I win a $100+ pot. But because of how strangely I played this hand, a guy could put me on more like a medium pair like TT or JJ or a hand like AK and call me with a hand like AK or QQ.

RecessRampage raises to $482.20, and is all in
theASHMAN103 has 15 seconds left to act
theASHMAN103 folds
big work has 15 seconds left to act
big work has requested TIME
big work folds
chuz2001 calls $352, and is all in
RecessRampage shows [Ad As]
chuz2001 shows [Jh Js] <--- perfect, just what I want him to have
Uncalled bet of $78.20 returned to RecessRampage

*** FLOP *** [Kh 7d Kc]
*** TURN *** [Kh 7d Kc] [Qc]
*** RIVER *** [Kh 7d Kc Qc] [9d]
RecessRampage shows two pair, Aces and Kings
chuz2001 shows two pair, Kings and Jacks
RecessRampage wins the pot ($871) with two pair, Aces and Kings
chuz2001 is sitting out

Just a little variation to how you can play AA. Again, this only works if you are at a table where some people are showing tendencies for 3 betting. Considering that the reraiser actually had to think a while before folding and considering how the board came, I'm probably glad he folded... This isn't how I always play aces. Obviously. There's really no one way to play them. But it never hurts to show that sometimes you call a raise with a strong hand. That may (or may not) discourage the blinds to try a squeeze when you're in the hand.

Here's a bonus hand... this was fun. Nothing like trying a squeeze resteal and sucking out for a win.

Full Tilt Poker Game #4824071335: Table Dawley (6 max) - $2/$4 - No Limit Hold'em - 19:45:17 ET - 2008/01/11
Seat 1: powA_h0use ($592.70)
Seat 2: EyePwnU ($426.80)
Seat 3: Pilequinha ($519.65)
Seat 4: oly1236 ($388)
Seat 5: RecessRampage ($446.50)
Seat 6: chacer5555 ($75.60)
RecessRampage posts the small blind of $2
chacer5555 posts the big blind of $4
The button is in seat #4

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to RecessRampage [7d 8h]
powA_h0use folds
EyePwnU folds
Pilequinha raises to $14 <--- this guy was open raising light + CO never has anything, right?
oly1236 calls $14 <--- what a weakling. He calls, must have nothing.
RecessRampage raises to $60 <--- HEE HAW
chacer5555 raises to $75.60, and is all in <--- oops... forgot about the BB...
Pilequinha folds
oly1236: what the hell
oly1236 has 15 seconds left to act
oly1236 folds
RecessRampage calls $15.60 <--- I love the "no choice calls"
chacer5555 shows [Ad Kd]
RecessRampage shows [7d 8h]

*** FLOP *** [4h Qc 6h]
*** TURN *** [4h Qc 6h] [5d] <--- like magic
*** RIVER *** [4h Qc 6h 5d] [Jd]
chacer5555 shows Ace King high
RecessRampage shows a straight, Eight high
RecessRampage wins the pot ($176.20) with a straight, Eight high
chacer5555 is sitting out

Needless to say, I tightened up after this hand since I figured my image was shot... Good times.


lucko said...

Hand 1- If I get a RR in pre, I am almost never folding AA post flop for 100bbs. This could easily be QQ\KK\AJs or some whacky draw. Could even be TT\99 played terribly. I am not going to trust my read enough to fold Aces here.

Hand 2- Super sick ownage!! Very well thought out and played. I would have been owned if I had JJ there too. Awesome!

Hand 3- LOL! I love sucking out on shorties.

cmitch said...

Hand 1 - I don't see how you can fold on the turn after calling the flop re-raise.

Hand 2 - Nice!!! Every one always seems to think that a shove in that spot is AK or a middle pair.

Hand 3 - The best part about it is people will start playing back at you big time or calling you down a lot lighter. Hopefully, he gave you a "nh" or "well played" in the chat box:)

Gnome said...

I agree with cmitch that your decision on hand 1 should have been made on the flop.
But this hand may have been easier to play if you had raised more preflop. A pot-sized raise would have been $38, but I would have raised it up to at least $40 (5 X the minraise).

SubZero said...

Two things struck me about your post:
1) Calling a raise with AA hoping another player will re-raise. This is a great tactic and one I don't use, but really should on certain tables where people love to reraise from the blinds.
2) You never limp with AA at 6 max. I have found limping with AA to be very profitable indeed. If you play a fairly tricky game with a wide range and LOTS of re-raises from the blinds, many of your weaker opponents will think you're making a move and either push preflop (joy!) or call you down with a weak hand/draw after the flop comes out.

Oh, and hand #1 looks like he was check-raising on the come. The 5 may have filled an OESD, but I think you were more likely looking a flush draw and maybe a pair....

Klopzi said...

I concur with most of the previous comments. I like all the hands except hand #1. Folding AA in this spot is pretty ridiculous. Once again, the pot's too big and the effective remaining stacks are too small to properly assess the situation and make a correct laydown.

If you get stacked, you get stacked.