Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Before someone has to put a gun to my head...

Here's what I posted on the headsupchallenge site.

Somehow, I got cleverly manipulated into doing this but anyways, even though I'm a schlub who actually has a real job and such, I am now the commissioner for HUC 6 (being the runner-up in HUC5 and still being appointed commish is truly a BAD BEAT). Last time, we got 16 players to come out but I think there was some confusion as to which site you had to play on and such. There are no such rules. It's whatever the two players who are going heads up want to do. Hell, if they want to play it live, go at it for all I care. Just tell me who won so I can update the spreadsheet.

Number of Players: 32* (first pay, first served)

Entry Fee: $30 (paid in advance to RecessRampage at FullTilt (city name starts with G)) - Let me know if you only have money in other sites. We can work something out.

Places Paid: 4 (1st thru 4th will be paid $432, $288, $144 and $96, respectively) - assuming 32 players, of course.

Structure: Preliminary rounds will be best of 3 and Final 4 will be best of 5

Organization: Players will have 5 days per round to organize and complete their match - the winner will give me the match results. Also, the buy-in for the HU games should cater to the ones with smaller bankrolls. If you wanna play a $100 HU game but the other guy can only afford $5, don't try to "negotiate" into doing $20. Since this is an attempt at making it fun but a test of skill, I don't want anyone to have to play with scared money.

* Last time, we tried for 32 but only got 16. It was Fuel that was trying to get people... He has no friends... wait, maybe that means I can only get like 8 people???

** These SNGs come in a variety of entry price points ($105, $52.50, $31.50, $21, and $10.50)

Once you pay please email me your full name, blog, user name on Stars and Tilt so that I can compile a player database. I probably should create a new email account for just poker related stuff but I'm lazy... so anyways, my email address is atachikawa AT gmail dot com. Wait, am I like giving away waaaaay too much info???


BWoP said...


I am in. Will x-fer tonight.

SubZero said...

Seriously tempted to get involved, though I have no experience and even less optimism of performing well.

Practice makes perfect though, so will try and sort this out when I get home...

Can anyone suggest how many hours total this competition may take up?

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Generally, the most time consuming part is actually setting the match up. For example, last time, I was gonna play against Mclarich. He lives on the west coast and he was busy on days I was free and I was busy on days he was free, etc. So it took us about a week of emailing back and forth to set up the time. But the actual playing itself should not take that long.

Plus, if you're gonna call yourself a pro, how can you not play and test your mettle against the best of us? I mean I understand if you're scared but come on! :) I'd love to be able to say I took down a pro heads up.

HighOnPoker said...

RR, are the rounds all going to be best of 3 or best of 5 or what?