Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sad & Happy News(Quick nonpoker update)

Let's start with the happy news. A friend of mine, known in our little poker circle here in VA as JT, now has a son as of 8:13am this morning. Wife and baby are apparently doing well and I told him that his first fatherly advice to the child should be "AQ is a rag hand." Maybe I should have told him that this should be his first advice: "Don't slowplay a set." Oh well, either way, congrats bro!

On a sad note, here in VA, the school shooting at VA Tech is obviously the big news with over 30 people killed. Here's the link to the CNN's report on the news. I'm personally an anti-Hokie but regardless of who you like and who you hate in sports, this is a sad news all around.

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