Friday, April 27, 2007

End in sight of a brutal week!

*** Nonpoker content ***

What a brutal week. This is the first time all week that I feel like I could take a breath. After my solid run at the MATH on Monday, all hell broke loose at work. I am currently working in the financial reporting department of a large corporation and as such, we have a fairly large quarterly filing due 30 days after the quarter end. And so this week was the last big push to get things done. Because of things that I won't go into detail (partly because I probably shouldn't divulge secrets but mainly because it will lose whatever few audience I have on this blog), I've had to work past midnight for 2 nights in a row. Nothing like leaving the office and 6-7 hrs later, coming back... certainly not what I had thought I signed up for. Even more upsetting is the fact that because of this, I've had time to play very little poker.

If you're wondering "very little poker? If you worked till midnight and had to be back at work by 7, when did you play???" Well, let's see... the degenerate that I am, Tuesday night, I didn't. I got home around 12:30am and was back at the office at 6:45am on Wednesday. Wednesday, I worked till midnight again (that's a 17+hr day if you are counting) but when I got home I decided that I couldn't just go to bed. So, I fired up my laptop and squeezed in an 1.5hr session at the tables where I played some 1-2NL 6 max just to switch it up and also to start gaining some 6 max experience. I went to sleep around 2am and found myself back at the office around 7:30am on Thursday. Fortunately, things started to finally hit the wrap up stages and so I was able to leave work around 6:30pm on Thursday. After much debate and battle with fatigue, I decided that going to play basketball around 8pm was a good idea to work off the stress so I do. Turns out it was an excellent idea because I hadn't done anything all weak in terms of physical activity. I get home around 11:00pm, shower and put in another 1.5 hr session on the virtual felt, playing 2-4NL and 1-2NL 6 max.

One discovery I made this week after being so busy at work was this... I love this network that is the blog. I haven't had any time to post anything all week since the MATH but I definitely found time to read other people's blogs. Sometimes it helps your poker game. Sometimes, it's just entertaining. Other times, it puts your life in to perspective. But whatever is the case, it gives me a break from what ended up being a very hectic week.

*** Brief poker content ***

Another discovery that I made is how soft the 1-2NL 6 max tables are. OMG... that is just people begging to have their money taken. The plays or the lack there of at those tables are atrocious. Ridiculous. I doubled my buy-in at the 6 max table while I was grinding out a little profit at the 2-4NL. I was down $400 early in the session when a guy in EP pushed all in for another $300 into an $80 pot when I had trip jacks... he had a flush draw, catches it on the turn and no paired board screws me out of $400... and he gets up and leaves right after that hand. Thanks for the hit and run asshole. Fortunately, I didn't lose my cool and just kept playing my game. By the end of the session, I had a little over $800 at that table pretty much breaking even there and so I went to bed pretty happy with my $200+ profit of the night from the 1-2 table.

Hopefully, I'll get to make up for some lost time this weekend and play.

Also, this weekend marks the first anniversary of Mr & Mrs Recess. We don't have anything planned for it which is funny because we tossed around quite a few ideas. We ended up deciding that we didn't want to do something just to do it so we'll probably play it fairly low key but something that the two of us could enjoy. Maybe we'll take a trip out to Vegas sometime soon. Vegas with the wife is an entirely different experience from Vegas with the boys. A lot less cards and dice and a lot more good food and shows. Which is good too. It's just a different Vegas experience. I also need to schedule a trip out to Vegas by myself for some much needed live poker games. I really want to go out when the WSOP is going on...

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