Thursday, February 18, 2010

One in a million

I am a very demanding guy... in everything I do, I demand a lot. As a leader of the team, the bar I set for the team is very high. For all the women that I meet, the bar that I set for them is also very high. CK's recent blog about women's poker events was very interesting to me because I was always making the comment about how if you create a forum for just women to "even out the playing field" then you can never claim equality... to some, I just come across as a jerk. At my new company, they have this fitness test thing going on. One of the events was how many push ups you can do. I tanked at 67 consecutive push ups. The most that the girl could do was 74. Respectable. Until I found out it was the "girl's" push ups. You know, the one with the knees on the ground. I realize the physical make up is different. But I'd have a lot more respect for a girl who refuses to do the girl's version of a push up and be able to do like 40 rather than a girl who gets upset that she couldn't beat me by tanking at fifty-something when in reality, it was a bullshit version of the push up.

But that's neither here nor there. I guess what I am saying is that, I have as high a bar for women as much as I do men. Why should they be different? Believe me, you want equality, I bring that. I act it, I live it. That is why I have very few female friends in my life because I truly believe that the society cripples them. But those that are my friends are ones that I respect tremendously and bring more than most people (men or women) bring to the table.

I saw this episode of House, and my god, I never thought much about Cuddy until this episode, but this is the type of woman that I idolize.

Yeah, I know... it's made for TV. And not many are like that in real life. But I know they exist. I married one for crying out loud. It may not have worked out for me the first time... but they're out there... kicking ass and taking names... and I dig that.


Bayne_S said...


There is an ancient 'All in the Family' episode where Gloria puts her head against a wall and lifts a chair. Position really does not look much different than a standing row. Archie tries and cannot do it. At home thinking this absurd I try it and I can not lift the chair but my little sister age 8 can.

There are some differences.

My little sister is stronger than you!

pokerpeaker said...

I run with many women who could kick my ass in races. I'm OK with that. You would be too if you met them.

Speaking of which, what's your next race?

HighOnPoker said...

I can understand the general argument when it comes to poker, but to expect men and women to compete physically at the same level is the same as expecting men and women to compete equally in a long-distance pissing contest. Men and women are built differently.

All that said, if the pushup contest was mixed (men and women compete, but women get the benefit of the fake pushups), then it is complete B.S. If there are different "prizes" or "awards" for males and females, then I don't see the problem.

roppongi bitch said...

Around me, there are tons of girls/women kicking ass and taking names day after day. You don't have to dig to find us. We do exist. The problem is, from my (female) point of view, is that you don't see us when we are not pretty enough. Find us with your eyes shut. Get one of us ASAP. Have been awaiting a nice guy like you so long.

Schaubs said...

get her number and tap that.