Sunday, February 7, 2010

Funny how I still get fired up

As I prepare for tonight's Superbowl, I decided to warm up by watching what I felt was one of the most intense, emotionally exhausting game I watched as a Steelers fan... well, I guess I did that last night when I watched the 20 minute recap of last year's superbowl but this was the other game... the divisional playoff game against the Colts in 2005. As the 6th seed (felt like playoffs since week 13 when so many things had to go right for the Steelers to even make the playoffs) going up against the heavily favored Colts, we all knew it was gonna be a tough game. And sure enough, the game lived up to the hype.

So many things rushed through my head when I watched the recap but even before this, I remembered two big things... One was the Polamalu interception that got inexplicably overturned (well, clearly, the refs had money on the Colts - that's a bullshit call and Pete Morelli is lucky that the Steelers ended up winning... I'm fairly certain he would be dead by now if the Steelers ended up losing that game).

The other was obviously the goal line fumble by the Bus that resulted in Nick Harper running it back, only to be tackled by Roethlisberger leading to the choke job that is Mike Vanderjagt. Thank god for that.

Seriously, that was an extremely emotionally draining game and watching the recap just made me live through that excitement/nightmare again. It's funny how exciting it could be despite knowing what happens.

At least tonight, I can just enjoy the Superbowl for what it is - just another football game. It's so stressful when your team is actually playing in it. Tonight, two teams that I couldn't give two shits about are playing. But I'm tired of the whole "I want New Orleans to win because they need this after Katrina" bullshit so of course, GO COLTS!!


Trebek said...

That's the same reason I was going for the Colts.

On the upside, maybe we won't have to hear about Katrina and Saints anymore.

jamyhawk said...

Being a big Broncos fan, I have always rooted for the AFC team to win (except when the Raiders play in the Super Bowl). I was rooting for the Colts also.

The super bowls when the Broncos did play were very stressful for me. No way I could host a party and miss some of the plays from people talking (like I do now).