Thursday, February 18, 2010

Man vs Woman... not really...

Last night's post was not intended to be a "women aren't physically capable" or anything like that. It was just my way of appreciating a woman who believes in herself and sticks to her guns no matter what... now, of course, I wasn't really clear about that but I was tired, it was late, and so I was kinda short and didn't feel like explaining.

I'm heading out shortly so this will not be long either. However, the comments on my blog made me want to write a short note...

A) If a woman is competing amongst women in sports, I see no reason why something should be "womanized" for a lack of better term. For example, in golf, why are there red tees? It's not like the women compete with the men. I mean recreationally, I understand completely. But for the pros, why have red tees... actually, nix this because I actually don't know if the women's pro golf events start with red tees or not so this might not matter.

B) Push ups - I actually am opposite with Jordan on this one. If the girls were competing against the guys in the actual number of push ups done, I think it's ok to have that handicap because for pushups, I have to believe men are naturally stronger (I could be completely wrong, I don't scientifically have any evidence, just my opinion). However, if the women are competing against themselves and men are doing their own thing, why do the knee version?

Both of these things actually tie back to CK's post on women's events in poker. How? Well, if the sex is not a factor (in both examples above, competing amongst women takes away the "which sex is superior" factor out), why have the red tee or the knee push up, etc. In other words, why diminish the actual game?

Same as poker. Poker is supposed to be a game where the sex of the player doesn't make him/her superior to others... so, if that's the case, why have a woman's event as if that's the only way a woman can win a bracelet?

To Peaker's point... of course there are women who are physically more capable than other men... but my argument has always been that physically, given the same level, men are superior to women (in sports). Like a professional male athlete in that particular sport would be better than the professional female athlete in that particular sport. A college level male athlete in a sport would be superior to a college level female athlete (assuming similar college - I'm not talking TN or CT woman's bball program vs some D3 men's bball... and even then, I'm not convinced that the females would beat the male equivalent).

Not sure if I explained myself clear enough.

Bayne, I'm gonna take that challenge. Picking up a chair... two hands or one hand?


BWoP said...

There was an interesting poll in CT regarding who would win in a basketball game between the UConn women's team and UConn men's team. I think 1/3 of the voters picked the women's team. Jim Calhoun (coach of the UConn men's team) said that the 1/3 who voted for the women were insane.

SirFWALGMan said...

It can be more dangerous sometimes also like when women who can not physically do a Firefighters job get a lower bar so they can get in.. Then some fat dude like me dies in a fire because the bitch can not (or will not) lift me.

Poker is a mental game so men and women are totally equal. In some physical things this may not be true so some sort of handicap might be needed.

I do think women only leagues are ok though. I mean why would hotness want to sit down with smelly dudes who have not showered for ages? Women only leagues and contests I am fine with if women want to have their own social club type things.

I agree totally that it should stop in places like the WSOP though.

HighOnPoker said...

On second thought, you have a point. If it is women v. women, there is no need to have them do lesser push-ups, since they will all be in the same boat. Good call on that one. In which case, I guess I agree with you wholeheartedly. Let it not be said that the ole J-Man is close-minded. Good points, RR.

Schaubs said...

I guess I will chime in about your golf comment...

In general, the course is setup a certain way based on the standard tee markers. Let's call them the blues. So bunkers and water hazzards are originally designed for the average golfer and where they would hit it on average would allow them to keep it away from those hazzards if they hit the correct shot.

The black tees also termed the pro tees are always at the very back, as they are to be used by players who can hit it farther, where the landing and aiming spots would equal that of the average blue tee golfer.

With regards to pro tees and women, they don't actually set the tees up at the reds. They usually play them back at the blues and sometimes the blacks. It all depends on the course, and the specific hole.

Also, there aren't too many PGA tournies that are played on the same courses as LPGA, if any. That is just how it is.

For the most part, with respect, LPGA tournies are played on easier courses.


Bayne_S said...

Sadly I cannot remember the exact nature of the chair lift trick. It was something like back parallel to the floor. Head on wall lift chair off floor then stand up with chair.

On other hand my sister is still stronger than you. (At least comparing leg press or squats)

lightning36 said...

Directions: Stand 2 1/2 to 3 heel-to-toe foot lengths from a wall. Place chair between you and the wall. Bend at waist, have head touch the wall, then pick up the chair.

It works better at about 2 1/2.

pokerpeaker said...

I thought you were writing a post about some kickass women in your world, and I was agreeing with you. In no way did I think I was disagreeing with your post. I will say that there are a lot of women who beat me in running...but I run with the best women runners in Greeley and probably northern Colorado. I agree with you for the most part, and I tend to crush most women runners, even some of the good ones. Just not all, and I like it that way. :)