Monday, May 11, 2009

OMG A poker post!

I'm not really sure what compelled me to post this... But as I was feeling lazy, I opted to skip my workout last night and instead 6 table on FTP and ran into this situation which I thought was kinda interesting.

1-2NL 9 players, I'm in MP

Edit: Cmitch, thanks, I'm an idiot

Seat 1: The Jeltz ($207.15)
Seat 2: ZMAE ($137.25)
Seat 3: eddymoosh ($87.15)
Seat 4: pmow2131 ($358.15)
Seat 5: AAces Again ($159.65)
Seat 6: RecessRampage ($200)
Seat 7: prettydevil1 ($200)
Seat 8: zoitkiller ($298.80)
Seat 9: bombkiller ($273.75)

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to RecessRampage [Kc Kh]
eddymoosh calls $2
pmow2131 folds
AAces Again folds
RecessRampage raises to $9
prettydevil1 has 15 seconds left to act
prettydevil1 folds
zoitkiller calls $9
bombkiller calls $9
The Jeltz folds
ZMAE calls $7
eddymoosh calls $7

So I get dealt Bayne's favorite hand and then I'm mortified to see 4 callers. Pretty sure seeing a flop with 5 people holding KK is a shitty situation. I mean how often do you go into a flop wishing to hit a set with KK (except Bayne)??

*** FLOP *** [Jc 8s 9d] Pot size $45
ZMAE has 15 seconds left to act
ZMAE checks
eddymoosh checks
RecessRampage ???

So, here's the question. What would you do? In order to prevent anyone from being result oriented, I will post the results later. Being that I haven't posted anything poker related in a while, I might not get much response... or it might take a while for people to catch on/see it but nonetheless, let me know what you think. Do you throw out a standard cbet? If so, how much? Do you check here to see what the others would do? Any reasoning to your answer would be very helpful too.


cmitch said...

What are the stack sizes? pretty important if at least one of the players is a short stack b/c you may be able to use his stack to help define the other player's hands.

Info on agg factor of other players would also be helpful.

Assuming everyone started with 100BBs and have avg agg factors for full ring:

I c-bet $30-$36. There is still a good chance you have the best hand. The raise should thin the field - hopefully folding out zot and bomb and leaving you with position. Sure the raise makes your hand look like what it is, but most players at 200NL FR aren't going to get too crazy trying to rep a hand that they don't have. If zot or bomb re-raise you can fold b/c they almost have to have a huge hand b/c they are betting into 3-4 others plus the strength you are showing.

I don't like checking the flop even with 4 others in because it leaves you without a sense of where your hand stands. Suppose you check, zot checks, and bomb bets $36, two folds to you, now what? you are now playing a big pot oop position or folding what may be the best hand.

SirFWALGMan said...

I think you just got fucked by the full tilt RNG and should have folded kings pre-flop. That flop is horrible in so many ways. You could either be drawing nearly dead or have smart players float your flop bet and push the scare card. Also calling with several different draws is not against the norm either.

I think your in a really fucked up spot with four callers and I would not be adverse to betting out small and folding to any aggression.

Shrike said...

I like c-betting for 80% of the pot, for the reasons given by cmitch.


jjok said...

cbet for 3/4 pot and get rid of a few folks.....

A flopped straight with no flush board is likely just calling to build pot?? I think that's possible.

Sets and 2 pairs will most likely reraise you with that board.

Just all around ugly, really. Hard to gauge what anyone could have here without losing a few more bucks.

spritpot said...

I guess I'd bet/fold too with 4 players in. Heads up, I'd check behind often. But 4-way, too many ways for you to get phucked on the turn.


VinNay said...

I check-raise here. 5 handed you might get one or two floaters if you c-bet, and there are lots of cards that can come on the turn that are very scary.

I've played plenty with "bombkiller" and he will almost definitely bet here if you check. If he doesn't, everyone gets a free card and you might lose your $9.
Oh, well.

If if bombkiller bets it will be for about $30-35, and you can re-pop to $100 (provided no one else calls or raises before you) You will almost certainly take the pot down in that situation.

Astin said...

Check, wait for the scare card to come, then bet a small amount, and call the all-in re-raise that will come. This works best if the straight fills in on the turn, because then you have one card to suck out with in case the all-in ISN'T a bluff (which it totally is). Regardless, it's a good way to spend a few hundo and piss off someone else or get yourself labelled as a complete donkey so you can fool them later into taking even more of your chips.

BWoP said...

Agree with the above. Bet to see where you're at. Otherwise even more dangerous to check and give free cards on straighty board that are likely to be in the range of opponents or check/call and have no clue where you're at. I'd rather get an idea now instead of later.

HighOnPoker said...

I'll echo most sentiments by stating that I'd bet around $30-35 to get a feel for where my opponents are at while protecting what could potentially be the best hand.

jamyhawk said...

It's KK. Are you crazy? FOLD FOLD FOLD.

lj said...

lol at bayne posting under jamyhawk's id. i bet and fold like a girl when i get raised. jk, obv i get it in and suck out like a champ when i go runner runner boat.

also, how come you were six tabling alan? :)

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