Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm a bot (poker post)

Last night, table chat:

pock007: just like i dont know rampage is a set farmer
pock007: rampage do u know ur a setr farmer?
RecessRampage: is that the same as set miner?
pock007: lol
pock007: u know what i mean ramp
pock007: heres a hint
pock007: 110100100101100101
pock007: do u compute?
RecessRampage: I'm a bot?
pock007: bingo
RecessRampage: sweet
pock007: :)

So this guy goes on for a while about how I'm a bot and I only play AA or KK... which was actually very interesting to me because according to HEM, I have no stats on this guy so he's either data mining or he observed something quickly or he's making assumptions based on the limited number of hands he's seen.

However, I think he's on to something.

The past few months, I've been on a pretty tough run where I can go few days making money and then I'll spend the next few days giving it back. It's really neither up nor down... at least not in any meaningful way and it's been frustrating to say the least. And based on what I can see from my HEM, there was nothing glaring... except maybe, I am becoming too predictable.

You see, as I started to go on a bad run, my desire to play has become less and less. But of course, I am a points degenerate so I have to get my 200pts per day... at least for 25 days out of each month so I can qualify for the ironman freeroll. And in my attempt to do that, I 4 table while I watch tv... half paying attention to the tables and half paying attention to the tube... which is probably why I don't notice a fellow blogger sitting at my table until I go through the HH. And during that period, I make a lot less "plays" and instead, I play my cards a lot more. The opponent is irrelevant unless the pot is huge... and even then, I'm just going by what the stats according to HEM says... so in other words, I am effectively playing like a bot.

This guy calling me out may be the best piece of advice I have gotten yet. Change doesn't happen overnight but let's see if I can start focusing on my poker mindset once again.


lightning36 said...

I've been accused of being a bot and also a shill. I considered them complements.

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