Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Apple a day...

Keeps the doctors away. Right?

This morning, I did the unusual thing and went to play ball in the morning... well, it's unusual because usually, I play on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings... never on a Wednesday. However, with the Thanksgiving tomorrow, we all decided to squeeze in one more morning basketball so the usual morning crew got together to play some ball.

Afterwards, one of my buddies/coworker (we play at our company gym) comes up to me and asks me if I had the health screening done.

RR "Health screening? No. Why the hell would I do that? I'm f*ckin healthy." (yes, I'm obnoxious in person too)

Friend "It's free. They'll check your cholestrol and stuff. AND they'll give you a $25 gift card."

RR "What!? What are they gonna do. Draw blood and give me $25? To where?"

Friend "It's a $25 VISA card so you can use it anywhere. I'm about to go there right now."

RR "Shit, I'm in!"

The irony is that usually, I eat breakfast before I play ball. Nothing much, just cereal but this morning, I happened to skip breakfast. And that was apparently the requirement for getting the health screen. I knew someone was looking out for me.

Well, so we go there, get our tests done and sure enough, I'm $25 richer. AND we get the results for the cholestrol pretty quickly. Now I'm not like a super health concious eater... as a matter of fact, I drink a fair amount on the weekends and I don't really watch what I eat (I kinda do but I'm not a health nazi or anything... I don't eat fast food much but I don't worry too much about what's in something when I order at a restaurant - but then again, I don't eat out as much either). But one thing I do is I eat an apple a day... at a minimum.

I don't know if it's the apple or what but my cholestrol was below 160 (I think it was like 154 or something... I left my sheet in the car). I don't remember what my bad cholestrol level was besides the fact that it was only 2 digits and the doctor was telling me how great that was... and my good cholestrol was 67. Which was also very good. Actually, I might have them confused. Maybe my bad cholestrol was 67 and the good cholestrol was something higher. Either way, they were apparently both better than the "range for a healthy individual" and in the world of cholestrol, that's apparently a good thing.

Man, I might be lazy and I might not be a health nazi but apparently, hitting the gym 3 times a week and playing ball on the 4 days I don't go to the gym must be doing me some good (I know it sounds like a lot but the 3 times I "hit the gym", I only stay there for like an hour). And apples are key. As a matter of fact, I just crushed one for my afternoon snack right before I typed this up.

Safe travels to all and have a Happy Thanksgiving. I'm cooking the turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes and since I never did that before (not the cooking but I never did the whole turkey dinner by myself), it's like an all in situation... feast or famine baby. Wish me luck. I'll make it like Astin and post some pics (regardless of whether it's great or a disaster). (btw, Astin, if you are reading this, the brine is ready so tonight, I'll soak the turkey and tomorrow morning, I'll stuff it and cook it. I can't f*ckin wait!!!!!!!)

Why I censor my posts sometimes, I will never know... most likely out of habit since that's how I type my emails (not work email, obv).


Riggstad said...

Thanksgiving by yourself??

Fell free to hop over to the Riggs house. I know its probably a no but the invitation is out there.

Turkey Day alone is hot anyway.

Football, turkey on the couch, and online poker. Then more football, turkey salad sandwhiches, pie, more online poker....

Christ, can I come there?

Fuel is gay

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Few things:
a) My dad is in town so not thanksgiving alone.
b) There are two girls coming over who are staying in town (well, one is visiting from NY) so not thanksigiving alone.
c) Fuel is gay.

Happy Thanksgiving dude!

Astin said...

Brine is key. It's like I never had good turkey before I brined. The worst things that can happen to a turkey are it's either over or under cooked. One requires gravy to fix, the other requires more time in the oven. Piece o' cake. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!