Wednesday, February 27, 2008


What else can you say? This will be a quick post, I swear.

- 55 tourneys over the next 13 weeks
- Tournament of Champions at the end
- 7 seats to the WSOP

7. SEVEN! SEVEN F*CKIN SEATS to the World Series of Poker. That's freakin sick.
2 seats to the Main Event and 5 $2,000 preliminary event packages.

And apparently, this on top of other leaderboard prizes and such. $18k Aussie Million package was insane. So is this. Al is the f*ckin man.

Looks like this will kick off with Don's Big Game this Sunday night at 9:30pm EST. Followed by the usual Mondays at the Hoy (MATH), Blogger Skill Series on Tuesdays, Mookie on Wednesdays, and Riverchasers on Thursdays. Doesn't look like I'll be seeing anyone on those nights for a while. At least not till I win one of these to secure a seat in the TOC.


kurokitty said...

I think the BBT3 should include a $5+.50 rematch with you and Fuel, with a $12,000 side bet. lol

cmitch said...

Nice work stomping Fuel!!! 3-0!! Wow is all I can say!!

I'm looking forward to the BBThree also!!!