Thursday, February 21, 2008

Final Four BABY!!!!

I just played WillWonka in the Heads Up Challenge (HUC6) and won 2-0 to advance to the final four of this tournament. 2 more matches till I can claim that I bested a field of 32 contestants to become the HUC6 champion... ok, I know I know, I'm getting a little too far ahead of myself.

WillWonka and I squared off in HUC5 also where I beat him 2-0 and so admittedly, I was fairly confident going into the game. However, I also know that the poker gods are cruel and so I wasn't overly confident. I just felt that if I played my game, I could probably beat him. So, what was my game plan going in? I was going to be the aggressor. The same way I was when I beat him last time. Except he must have had other plans. I think he raised almost every hand preflop that he had the button. He was very aggressive and even after the flop, I felt like he was stealing some pots away from me. I quickly had to adjust as he quickly gained a 2:1 chip lead on me. Fortunately, I had a few well timed big hands that ended when I had about 2100 chips and found TT. WillWonka limped so I bumped it up to 120 (I think the blinds were 20-40). He then shoves. It did make me pause for a minute. I mean only big hands would do this right? But then I remembered this was HU and TT is a monster in a heads up match. So I called. I was relieved to see him flip over K7s (I think it was a 7... it was an undercard to the ten) and fortunately for me, my pocket tens held up. 1-0.

In the next match, we were trading blows when we both had fairly even stacks and then this happens. What can I say. Poker is easy when you run good.

To his credit, on the river, I bet, he raised, I shoved. He had about 460 remaining and he actually thought long and hard. In the end, he said something along the lines of if you have a boat, so be it and called. I mean you can't fold there I don't think but his instincts were working. That's just a major set up hand. Great game by WillWonka. I honestly felt that he played a much more aggressive game this time and I definitely had to adjust.

The other part going into this match up was I really didn't want to look ahead to the next matchup. In other words, I didn't want to overlook WillWonka and then get beat. And it was hard not to. I mean I mentioned this before. Fuel is waiting for the victor of the match between me and WillWonka. The guy that all but mentored me in poker where now I've graduated to the point where I'm critiquing his hands? I mean this is big... even bigger if I take him down. Probably the equivalent of the Lucko match I had in the finals of HUC5 (where I unfortunately lost).

We're probably gonna play on pokerstars with static blinds. I don't know for how much yet since I don't have much of a roll but I'm sure we could do some swap deal where I send him money on Fulltilt and he could send me the money on PS. I'm fairly certain he's not gonna wanna play anything below $50 and I don't blame him. I'm guessing $100 but I could be wrong. Who knows what he has in mind.

This is big. Two guys who play cash games, probably think alike but play different styles of heads up match. And this one is best of 5.

Fuel, you're going down.


WillWonka said...


Yes, you supposed to believe that I had a monster on that first gaem. You're obviously calling with TT.

2nd game, I could have just called. To tell you the truth, I was thinking revenge of an earlier hand so that was my bad.

Good luck next round!!!

lucko said...

Congrats on the win!

Post when you guys are playing, I am sure there are more than a couple people that wouldn't mind watching you two donks duel it out.

Schaubs said...


Let me know when it is going down. Sunday would be good for me... LOL

PS - I still haven't heard from Wes.

Fuel55 said...

You predictions are tomfoolery ...

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