Monday, January 12, 2009

Real post will come up soon. With my new position in the company, I have been extremely busy to try to get up to speed and learn so that I can "hit the ground running"... which is an attribute displayed by all the high performers here. I really like my new position too... funny because I really liked my old position. There are obv the good and the bad in both but the bad in both are very trivial compared to the good that I get out of it. I am learning a lot and a lot of the financial articles I used to read for my own benefit/pleasure is now part of my job so really, does it get any better???

Oh, and I gotta link this. Seriously, this is one blog I now read religiously. And once again, I think his entry here is awesome. Now if Hoy would just stop posting about poker or writing stuff to antagonize people (which really actually humors me - and I have to believe that is his intent) and more about the economy/market, my financial readings would be complete.

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Bayne_S said...

where is real post???