Friday, January 9, 2009


I guess I'm no longer the official points tard.

I knew that I needed a huge lead going into the week because there was no way that I can play as much as Bayne does on the weekday. He lives on the west coast so naturally, I get to work before he does... sadly, I get home from work at the same time or later than he does... and I still find time to go to the gym and stuff... on a weekday, typically, I'm playing a lot if I can squeeze in 2 hours of poker time... so I'm not gonna lie... I'm glad that it's over so I don't have to worry about points anymore... just back to earning 200 a day.

New Years resolution/goals post coming up soon. Been very busy transitioning into my new role here at the company... And I freakin love my job!!!!


Gnome said...

What kind of points whore are you? I don't even know you anymore.

Lategreatjc said...

Wow! If you only got points for excuses! Maybe then you would win!?!? Maybe you should stick to things that you are good at like Gay Chicken? But then again you did take second in that as well! Not a game you want to finish second in! How was the New Years?

Bayne_S said...


spritpot said...

congrats on the new gig...good to hear that are actually people out there who enjoy their job!