Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Things I missed in the recap

There are always things that happen during the trip that no amount of recap posts could cover. Astin had the same idea (but beat me to it since he posts like 5 times a day... seriously, wtf do you do!?)

- I never got to do dial a shots. I promised Schaubs and LJ over text messages that I would... I never followed through. I was too drunk and having too much fun to text/call people. I did notice that I talked some shit to Fuel during the Steelers-Ravens game. I didn't remember this until I looked through my text messages the next day.

- Bayne has a knack for creating a nemesis. At the craps table, he introduced me the concept of position. Poker lingo was frequently thrown around as he was "raising" my bets "in position." You really had to be there to appreciate it. Few "checkraises" by me were priceless. At least I got to exercise "pot control" when the shooter crapped out.

- I saw snow. In Vegas. The morning that I was flying out was when the snow started falling. I was in the cab towards the airport when I saw it. Bouncers at the Rhino were talking about it though.

- Pauly mentioned to me that this is still one of the few blogs he reads. I remember him saying that before too and it's such an honor to hear that. When he commented on my post about the stuff that my mom found that belonged to my grandpa, I remember feeling very honored.

- I'll recap poker part of the trip in another post so that people not interested in reading poker stuff won't have to be bothered during the trip recap. Poker turned out to be profitable... craps table, not so much.

- Bad beat on the luggage. I didn't get it in time so they had to deliver it to my house. I guess it's not a total bad beat. It's like winning the side pot after losing the main pot to a bad beat.

All in all, it was a blast. Like everyone mentioned in their recaps so far, it's never enough time. And really, it just leaves a lasting impression. I remember walking through Imperial palace in April when I went there for my friend's birthday and when I walked by the hooker bar, it just felt weird when it was completely empty. I feel like I should always be able to find bloggers there. Hopefully, it won't be a full year until I see most of you again.


goooooood girl said...

i like your blog......

OhCaptain said...

I agree with gooooood girl (the spamming biatch!).

I know totally understand what you mean about the bar. It will never be just a bar again. I past it Monday morning on my way home and it just seemed wrong that no bloggers were there.

Matt said...

My blog > your blog because I post hot girl pics more often than you.

Watch Lost if you want to see more of her. It's a good show regardless. Plus, you'll get to fully enjoy Goat's Lost recaps when it starts up in January again.

Astin said...

I type letters on my keyboard and they appear on a screen. Then I click on the "publish" button and there's a post!

Really, it's not dissimilar to a million monkeys at a million typewriters. Eventually something coherent comes out.

Also, I work on a computer all day, so Blogger is only a click away when I get bored out of my skull.

SubZero said...

So gooood girl is a spammer, was wondering what her MO was. Anyway, good to hear you're still enjoying life, being sociable and crushing/outflopping/badbeating everything you possibly can! Keep it up....